Your data belongs to you !

Prevent social networks to access it !

With Datarmine decide who can decipher what you’ve posted, and for how long

Independently, on any social network, online service, on the Web and soon on mobile …

You want to understand the essence of Datarmine ?

Sometimes it’s easier with the eyes of  a children… Rollover our three sources of inspiration !

flat icone zorro masque et chapeau

Preserve your secret identity & private life

Un visuel montrant que l'inscription sur Datarmine est anonyme

Anonymous inscription
nobody can know who you are
flat harry potter lunette cicatrice et cape

Make your personal publications invisible


No one can decipher
your posts (including us)
flat robin des bois chapeau arc et bouc

Protect yourself while being solidary


Hide your ciphered data
with charity incentives

Don’t leave digital traces

The right to be forgotten does not exist on Internet.
Now you can choose to make invisible what concerns your privacy.

Protect yourself on social networks !

“Ce qu’on appelle notre vie privée, c’est ce dont nous avons le droit de priver les autres.”
Gilles Martin-Chauffier

You have the right to make you forget

Anonymous and free inscription

Only a username is required, email is facultative and asked non-nominative

Ciphered from end to end

Your publications are ciphered
before leaving your computer.

More technical details ?

Total independance of social networks

Your Datarmine’s lists can be used
on any social network or online service

Strong ciphering protocol

Tested and reliable algorithm

Be forgotten : become invisible

Choose who can read to you and how long

Hide your exchanges protected behind a substitution contents for some more from discretion

Protect your posts in one click!

You can choose at any time who can decipher your posts, define their lifespan, and the content you want to use to hide your post.

When this configuration is made, only one click is enough to cipher your posts.

Be generous, protect yourself !

Those who are not allowed to access your protected content will 

instead see an incentive to visit the website of a partner association.

Your data have some value, support the causes that matters to you!

Il ne manque à l’homme reconnaissant
que l’occasion d’être généreux
Jean Jacques de Lingrée


Exchange in all discretion

Go unnoticed in the news feed of your friends.

Select in our catalog the content you like and hide your ciphered posts with news picked in it.

So when you protect your privacy, you also help associations
with free visibility.

catalogue des associations partenaires logos

Here is exemple with two centers of interest.  Hover one of them to see exemples of substituted content !

Example of incentive
hiding your ciphered post

Exemple d'incitation Datarmine pour Surfrider

This is an incentive from Surfrider

Example of incentive
hiding your ciphered post

Exemple of incentive from Unitaid

This is an incentive from Unitaid

You know a charity that is
worth being helped ?

Contact us !

Datarmine with videos :

Quick demo with FB
The tutorial
Quick demo with Twitter

User cases  ?

Substract any compromising statement or picture from social networks

Hide family pictures or artistic work you want to keep full property on

Make fast curated content sharing : no need to browse the web, share interesting content in one click !

Exemple d'incitation Datarmine pour Surfrider

This is what will see friends not allowed
to decipher your post

Exemple d'incitation Datarmine pour Unitaid

This is what will see friends not allowed
to decipher your post

« Qwant gets involved with this project in two of his concerns : his user’s privacy respect and sharing in a fairer world. »
Eric Léandri, CEO, Qwant
“Use Datarmine is getting a little of your freedom back! The one to choose what trace I want to leave in this data jungle, the one to live in a world getting faster, and getting more solidary! My datas have value, I decide what I share with who, and in a virtuous way!”
“As a lawyer specialist in IT rights, IT & Freedom correspondent, I frequently fight abuses linked to personal data and content shared on social networks and I advise everyone to use Datarmine to protect their privacy.”
Me Stanley Claisse, Cabinet Claisse
“Too few young people are aware that it’s not because they have nothing to hide that they can show everything. With its tool, DataRmine give them a way to control their digital stamp better and become actors and not consumers of their digital life. We like it !”
Pascale Garreau, Internet sans crainte